2008-10-02 / Local & State

Turnpike Union Wrongly Claimed Dues

PITTSBUR GH (AP) - A federal judge in Pittsburgh says the Pennsylvania Turnpike workers union wrongly withheld more dues than necessary from seven workers who quit the union.

The workers all quit Teamsters Local No. 250 in 2005. The workers say the union continued to charge them more dues than federal law allows.

Unions can collect dues from nonmembers because those workers still benefit from the union's bargaining efforts. But nonmembers can ask to pay less to avoid paying for lobbying and other efforts by the union.

The judge says the union didn't give the workers enough information about union expenditures to justify collecting 92 percent of the normal dues from them.

The judge plans a hearing to determine how much each worker is owed. The amounts in dispute are not spelled out in the lawsuit or the judge's decision.

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