2008-10-02 / Letters

Take A Look At The Real Issues This Election

To the Editor:

I'll be glad when this seemingly never-ending election cycle is over. It's divisive at a time when together we face such a lot of serious challenges. I hope we will be able to draw together as a nation under our new president. I still have high hopes that these two serious candidates can carry on a dignified substantive campaign and let the American people decide on the issues. Watching the debate last week at the Dott Store with about 40 people of both political parties was what I like to think this country is about. Everyone was very attentive and respectful; we can and want to pay attention to real issues. April and Glenn Hiller provided a great opportunity to see the debate and the dessert was really good, too.

I have heard unbelievable attacks on Barack Obama's character. "He is anti-Christian and anti-American," "he supports sex education for very young children." Where do such blatant lies come from? Some from the campaigns themselves but the others, like the attacks on Obama's religion and patriotism, are more insidious. How can you prove or disprove what's in someone's heart? You have to look to a lifetime of service and commitment to nation and church to get a sense of what a man is about.

Make no mistake, these attacks are lies, they are bearing false witness, this is not telling your wife that her hair looks great, these are IX Commandment lies that have grave consequences. This is the future of our country at stake. Lying about the candidates to your friends, to people at work or your church is wrong. There are real reasons to support one candidate over another.

We really all need to step back, take a look at the real issues and leadership qualities that are most important to us and ask ourselves truthfully who is best equipped to lead this country in the difficult days ahead. Not who is too old or too dark-skinned or someone told me this or that about him or her.

Let's get through the next month or so with our dignity intact and then get behind our new president, whoever it is. By the way, my wife's hair looks great. Mike Kligerman Mercersburg, PA, 17236

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