2008-10-02 / Front Page

Tri-State Director Resigns

Leslie Colbrese steps down effective September 30

The executive director of Tri- State Health Community Clinic recently submitted her letter of resignation to the organization's board of directors, citing her acceptance of another position in a similar field of work.

Effective September 30, Leslie Colbrese will be stepping down from the position she has held for 20 months. Sheila DeShong, who serves as Tri-State's chief operating officer, will be filling in in the capacity of interim director until a replacement can be located.

The search for Colbrese's replacement, according to reports, will be launched on a nationwide level by Virginia Community Healthcare Association. In order to continue offering the best quality of healthcare at their offices, which includes a total of four locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, there has not been an official timeline set to select

and name the new executive director.

Colbrese's leadership skills have come under fire since the medical director services of Dr. Matt Hahn were discontinued at the Hancock clinic last May. Hahn has publicly maintained he was fired after complaints were logged about Colbrese and were in turn personally relayed to Tri-State's board of directors.

Fallout from the firing of Hahn included outraged patients using the media as a means to air their grievances and multiple members of Tri- State's staff filing an official grievance about Dr. Hahn's firing and Colbrese's "management style." A sudden turnover in staff was also reportedly linked to Colbrese.

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