2008-10-02 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Crissy Buterbaugh celebrated her 30th birthday with family and friends on Saturday night with a party at the FOVA.

Jean Kies celebrated her 90th birthday with the ladies birthday group and friends on Thursday night at the FOVA.

Birthday wishes to Thelma Grissinger, September 25; Louise Long, September 19; Marie Shimer, October 1; Doris Lynch, Dick Clusman, October 3; Robert Snyder, Billy Sheppard, October 4; Marty Marcus, October 5; Samantha "Sam" McQuade, 17 years old on September 26; Michele Welsh, September 30; Bryan Fletcher, September 25; Carla Lake, September 26; Carrie Swope, October 6; Alan Shives, September 25.

Congratulations to Brent and Erin Pistner on the birth of their daughter, Ella Lucille, on September 23, , born in Hanover Hospital.

Harold Parson was admitted to Fulton County Medical Center last Tuesday with pneumonia and other complications. Please keep him in your prayers.

Paul and Betty Shelley recently celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary with a visit to see the Little Grand Canyon in northern Pennsylvania.

Public Opinion weekly honor roll students were A'Leese Dickerson, McConnellsburg, volleyball; Chelsy Hollenshead, Southern Fulton, cross country; Kelsey Lilley of Forbes Road, field hockey and Tanner Henry, Forbes Road, soccer.

Elias Blumenthal, 16, of Carlisle, received the Youth Service Award in appreciation of exceptional leadership and service to the Carlisle Family YMCA on September 23, with a dinner and a program following. Elias is the son of former residents Terri McGarvey Blumenthal and Michael Blumenthal, both of Carlisle. Elias was involved in the summer program and camp and is a junior at Carlisle High School.

Fulton County Scottish Rite Club of Harrisburg Consistory sponsored a bus trip to Savannah, Ga., and toured Jekyll Island and other places of interest.

The Hancock Arts Council Band held special music at the Big Cove Tannery Lutheran Church Sunday and was thoroughly enjoyed by the 40 people attending.

The descendants of the late Frank and Hazel Souders held their family reunion on Saturday at Cito Methodist Church social hall.

Helen Deshong of Creek Road observed her 90th birthday on September 25. Helen was surprised earlier in the month when 87 relatives and friends arrived at the farm with food and gifts to help her celebrate her special day.

Dave McElhaney and Lana Bard enjoyed a cruise to Bermuda last week.

Barbara Weller, Lynn Lanehart and Myreta Elvey visited Williamsburg, Va., and Belle Grove and Westport plantations last week.

Quotable quotes: When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!

It happened this week: Fewer than 15,000 people showed up on the first day Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Fla., in 1971. Today, it has more than 61,000 employees and more than 17 million people visited in 2007 alone.

Country shortcuts: The next time you need to glue something fast, get your clear nail polish for gluing small items such as newspaper clippings and stamps.

Did you know: You'll never be distracted from the scenery by a billboard. They're illegal in Vermont.

Mary Haubrick visited last week with her daughter, Dr. Laura Haubrick of Winchester, Va. They enjoyed hearing noted poet, author, historian and civil rights activist Maya Angelou who spoke at Shenandoah University. Laura is a biology professor at Shenandoah.

Dana and Kent Shimer have recently returned to their home in Fulton County. Kent has lived in many states in the United States and the Philippines while doing underground tunnel construction. Most recently they lived in California for 12 years. His last job was featured on Discover Channel's "Most Dangerous Jobs." Kent was captioned as "Slim," as he is known to his coworkers, in the film. He also appeared on California television, in various newspapers and on the Internet as he made th phone call from outside to inside the tunnel to start the "mole" and hole through. Kent has spent his adult life doing this dangerous underground tunnel construction. Dana and Kent will make their permanent home in Fulton County while Kent commutes weekly to New York City. His company called him back East to construct a new underground subway tunnel under New York City. The shaft to go underground is in Times Square. Family and friends are very happy to have them back home again.

Rick and Deb Buterbaugh celebrated their 25th wedding anniversry last week in Ocean City, Md., while on vacation.

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