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In Memory


In loving memory and honor of our son, Christopher E. Cutchall (Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army) killed in action September 29, 2003, in Habbiniyah, Iraq:

Five years have come and gone since your life's blood stained the Iraqi soil and God took you home to a soldier's final resting place.

No greater pain is ever felt than when a father and mother must bury their child. The list of the "Fallen American Warriors" has grown since you fell, more fathers and mothers crying in pain and loss of their son or daughter taken before their time.

The winds of time have changed many things in these past five years, but it has not dimmed the ache of your loss to us. Our oldest son, a soldier's life you chose. God, country, duty, honor and sacrifice, just words to most, but words with true meaning to those who choose to stand between the monsters of the world and the weak.

May your sacrifice have not been in vain.

Dad and Mom

LOCKE In memory of Stanley H. Locke, March 26, 1935 - September 19, 2003: The leaves are falling Your favorite time of the year To see the seasons changing Is so hard without you here Fifty-four years ago next month God made us man and wife With our three daughters We had a wonderful life Football was your favorite sport And many high school games We'd go and enjoy watching Our girls perform In the big band show The years went by Next thing we knew We had eight grandchildren How our family grew You loved the Christmas season Your face all aglow We'd pack up all the grandchildren And shopping we would go With our six great-grandchildren You'd have a ball and be so proud They keep things lively And often are quite loud. Long days and lonely nights I deal with every day And would have kept you with us If only I could have had my say It's been so difficult Without you by our side The tears we shed are still So hard to hide. We love you and miss you, Your wife Dorothy Daughters: Cathy, Peggy and Cristy and families

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