2008-09-24 / Local & State

Replica Tomahawk Stolen From Pittsburgh Museum

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Somebody has stolen a tomahawk from Pittsburgh's oldest structure, the Fort Pitt Block House, a structure that served as a British outpost in the 1760s but is now owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Kelly Linn is curator of the cozy brick structure that now serves as a museum. She says whoever stole the tomahawk did so by reaching through a three-inch gun loop - a small hole in the wall through which a gun could be fired to defend the area during the French and Indian War era.

Linn says the tomahawk is a replica, not an original, so it has little value.

Nothing else was stolen or disturbed, says Linn, who added the thief "clearly knew what they wanted.''

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