2008-09-24 / Letters

Thanks For Support Of Abused Animals

To The Editor:

As one gets older we often look back on lessons learned from our families. My father and his relatives are from Germany. Most of his family died in concentration camps or were forced to work at a very early age building the Russian railroad. My mother's family is from the Hancock area, and they, too, started at a very young age working in the mines or picking apples around Hancock and Warfordsburg. An extremely important lesson my parents taught me was to never be too ashamed or stubborn to ask for anything, especially help. They said that the worst thing that could happen was that someone would say "no."

Which brings me to this. About two months ago Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Rescue ran an ad appealing for help and donations. Due to the horrific economic times we live in, donations have all but stopped coming in and that has put our rescue in a crisis situation.

As everyone knows, there are very few options for abused and unwanted animals in Fulton County. More than half of our residents are from your area, and over the years we have gained many faithful supporters from the Fulton County area as well. I am thrilled to say that your recent response to our cry for help has been overwhelming and a godsend. As a group, you, the animal lovers of Fulton County, should be very proud of yourselves.

Everyone's economic futures are unpredictable, especially with the layoffs at JLG, the stock market and with high heating costs and the holidays just around the corner.

Please do not lose sight of what we are doing here at Greener Pastures. Many shelters are closing across America due to lack of donations. Please do not let us become a statistic.

Please hang in there and continue to help us through the difficult times. No donation is too large or too small, and every dollar helps out more than you'll ever know for those animals that in many cases make our sanctuary their last hope.

And, in closing, another very important lesson learned from my parents was to always say thank you. So with much love and gratitude, all the animals and myself would like to send a huge thank-you to our existing and new friends in Fulton County. Thank you again and God bless. Samantha Frey, Founder Greener Pasturers No-Kill Animal Rescue

P.S. We will be setting up at the Fulton Fall Folk Festival for a meet and greet. Hope to see you there.

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