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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Jason S. Cornett to Thane Fix and Chelsea L. Hockenberry, Taylor Township, $3,625 in tax stamps.

Heidi Lee Roude a/k/a Heidi L. Roude; Heidi L. Roude a/k/a Heidi Lee Roude; Vadim Roude, Devin C. Horne, Mindy J. Horne, Heather L. Horne a/k/a Heather Horne; Heather Horne a/k/a Heather L. Horne and Isayah Perozo to Dalton J. Gilbert and Kesha Barton, Wells Township, $980 in tax stamps.

Alberta Jean Keebaugh now A. Jean Strait and A. Jean Strait form. Alberta Jean Keebaugh to A. Jean Strait and David E. Keebaugh, Dublin Township, tax exempt.

Gregory Kershaw, Stephanie Kershaw now Stephanie Exley and Stephanie Exley form. Stephanie Kershaw to Dana L. Ford, Wells Township, $188.27 in tax stamps.

Janice D. Glazier Revocable Living Trust by tr. and Debbye A. Fitzpatrick tr. to Mark D. Moore and Natalja Moore, Dublin Township, $1,000 in tax stamps.

Brian Taylor a/k/a Brian K. Taylor, Brian K. Taylor a/k/a Brian Taylor, Sue A. Reed Taylor a/k/a Sue A. Taylor Reed and Sue A. Taylor Reed a/k/a Sue A. Reed Taylor to Sue A. Reed a/k/a Sue A. Taylor Reed and Sue A. Taylor Reed a/k/a Sue A. Reed Taylor, Thompson Township, tax exempt.

Koy J. Hann and Linda A. Hann to Koy J. Hann and Linda A. Hann, Ayr Township, tax exempt.

R. Lubrent Deneen and Tari Deneen to Cajan B. Reed, Chance Woodal and Celena B. Woodal, Union Township, $1,029.75 in tax stamps.

Violet A. Shaw to Craig E. Shaw and Rebecca A. Shaw, Thompson Township, tax exempt.

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