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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Joseph I. Stallman, Kimberly A. Shehan now Kimberly A. Stallman, Kimberly A. Stallman formerly Kimberly A. Shehan to Joseph I. Stallman and Kimberly A. Stallman, Ayr Township, tax exempt.

Janet L. Hensley a/k/a Janet L. Miller, by sheriff; Janet L. Miller a/k/a Janet L. Hensley, by sheriff to LSF #9 Master Participation Trust, Belfast Township, $1,211.05 in tax stamps.

R. Jeffrey Wooldridge and Robert Joseph Wooldridge to Eunice F. Hawbaker, Mc- Connellsburg Borough, $1,300 in tax stamps.

Ray E. Lear and Phyllis J. Lear to Ray E. Lear, Phyllis J. Lear, Michael R. Lear and Jeffrey A. Lear, Licking Creek Township, tax exempt.

C. Richard Mosemann Jr. and Linda A. Mosemann to C. Richard Mosemann Jr., Linda A. Mosemann and David Ryan Mosemann, Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Philip J. Miller and Regina T. Miller to Larry E. Yost and Tina M. Yost, Bethel Township, $200 in tax stamps.

Benny F. Cutchall by ex. and Billy N. Cutchall ex. to Billy N. Cutchall, Taylor

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