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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Tony L. Gordon, Elizabeth A. Davis a/k/a Elizabeth Davis; and Elizabeth Davis a/k/a Elizabeth A. Davis, to Jerome A.B. Roberts, Elizabeth A. Davis Roberts and Elizabeth A. Roberts Davis, McConnellsburg borough, $705.61 in tax stamps.

Dorothy M. Ritchey to Kimberley S. Fischer, Daniel M. Fischer and Andrew D. Fischer, Brush Creek Township, $900 in tax stamps.

Wlaz Revocable Trust by trustees, Mark W. Wlaz trustee and Deborah L. Wlaz trustee to Jeffrey Rosen and Esther Rosen, Belfast Township, $6,000 in tax stamps.

Michael . Hovermale and Jennifer L. Hovermale to James D. Clark and Mary Jo Clark, Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Paul G. Sigel and Dorothy M. Sigel to Virginia Nicole Shepherd, Bethel Township, $1,655 in tax stamps.

Kevin E. Schaeffer Jr., a/k/a Kevin Schaeffer Jr., by sh.; Kevin Schaeffer Jr., a/k/a Kevin S.Schaeffer Jr., by sh.; Kimberly H. Schaeffer, a/k/a Kim Schaeffer by sh. and Kim Schaeffer a/k/a Kimberly H. Schaeffer by sh. to Farmers and Merchants Trust. Co., Chambersburg, Todd Township, $681.99 in tax stamps.

William D. Strait to William D.Strait, Timothy R. Strait, Michelle D. Hepburn and John Hepburn, Belfast Township, tax exempt.

David Q. Golden and Cami C. Golden to David Q. Golden and Cami C. Golden, Bethel Township, tax exempt.

Tyler J. Price and Tiffany Nicole Mann to Kenneth B. Bowman and Samantha M. Bowman, Union Township, $850 in tax stamps.

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