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The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Jean A.Remsburg and Betty Lou Remsburg to Kathy J. Graham, Brush Creek Township, tax exempt.

A. Lois Gomer a/k/a Anna Lois Gomer by ex.; Anna Lois Gomer a/k/a A. Lois Gomer by ex. and Charles S. Gomer ex. to Brett B. Remsburg and Melissa K. Remsburg, Bethel Township, $285 in tax stamps.

Althea Wagman a/k/a Althea M. Wagman by atty.; Althea M. Wagman a/k/a Althea Wagman by atty.; Idalee Di Gregorio a/k/a Idalee Di Gregorio atty. and Idalee Di Gregorio a/k/a Idalee Di Gregorio atty. to George S. Hann Jr., Jolinda S. Hann, Christopher R. Hann and Christian E. Hann, Dublin Township, $2,950 in tax stamps.

Jack A. Deshong Jr., Teresa A. Deshong, Josiah A. Deshong, Ashley Deshong, Tasha Skiles, Dwight Skiles Jr., a/k/a Dwight D. Skiles; Dwight D. Skiles a/k/a Dwight Skiles Jr. and Tyrel A. Deshong to Jack A. Deshong Jr. and Teresa A. Deshong, Valley Hi Borough, tax exempt.

Glenn Family Trust by trustees; Richard H. Glenn trustee; and Pamela K. Glenn trustee to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Ayr Township, tax exempt.

Diane K. Sipes to Michael A. Miller, Todd Township, $500 in tax stamps.

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