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Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Melvin Brantner and Constance Brantner to Ronald D. Foreman, Taylor Township, $900 in tax stamps.

Lora Alice Leo Tanner, a/k/a Lora Alice Tanner Leo, ex.; Lora Alice Tanner Leo a/k/a Lora Alice Leo Tanner ex.; and Beatrice P. Leo, by ex. to Steven W. Blair and Stephanie L. Blair, Dublin Township, $160 in tax stamps.

Hugh Vern Jenkins Jr. and Doris Elaine Jenkins to William S. Hoffman and Marianne S. Hoffman, Belfast Township, $370 in tax stamps.

John J. Culler, adm.; and John Harvey Culler, by adm. to Leah Culler, McConnellsburg Borough, tax exempt.

Stanley J. Kerlin ex. and Freedia L. Booth by ex. to Clear Ridge Cemetery Assoc. Inc., Dublin Township, $40 in tax stamps.

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