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The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Harold R. Mellott, Martha K. West, Alma R. Cullers, James E. Cullers, Virginia L. Mellott and Charles C. West to Peggy Turner, Ayr Township, $1,399 in tax stamps.

PHH Mortgage Corp. to Blair C. Mellott Jr., Brush Creek Township,$100 in tax stamps.

H. Clyde Brant and Terry L. Brant to H. Clyde Brant and Terry L. Brant, Taylor Township, tax exempt.

Kevin L. Strait by sheriff and Jennifer M. Strait by sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, Bethel Township, $1,111.56 in tax stamps.

Diane M. Collison to Diane M. Smith form Diane M. Collison, Diane M. Collison now Diane M. Smith, Alan S. Cooper and Michael B. Cooper, Dublin Township, tax exempt.

Troy E. Smith and Nichole A. Smith to Melvin C. Wampler and Robin A. Wampler, Ayr Township, $2,250 in tax stamps.

Joseph C. Dell and M. Jane Dell to Daniel A. Gabriel trustee, Campbell Brook trust by trustee and Brook Campbell, trust by trustee, Ayr Township, $2,700 in tax stamps.

Tommy L. Schwartz trustee, Olivia Schwartz trustee, Schwartz Living Trust by trustees, Tommy L. Schwartz, a/k/a Tommy Leroy Schwartz, Tommy Leroy Schwartz a/k/a Tommy L. Schwartz, Olivia Schwartz a/k/a Olivia Lowry Schwartz and Olivia Lowry Schwartz a/k/a Olivia Schwartz to Kevin E. Baker and Michelle L. Baker, Ayr Township, $299 in tax stamps.

Ronald Wertz ex., Wallace Wertz by ex., Wallace E. Wertz by ex., and Wallace Elwood Wertz by ex. to Stanley Charles Bloyer and Linda Ann Bloyer, Bethel Township, $1,300 in tax stamps.

Joshua B. Johnson by sheriff to Carrington Mortgage Svs. LLC, Todd Township, $693.37 in tax stamps.

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